We act both on the buy-side and the sell-side across a wide variety of industries. 

Sell Side

Selling a business is generally a once in a lifetime event for a business owner.  We understand the emotions of disposing of a business that often represents a lifetime’s work.

We work with business owners to maximise the value of their business through an appropriately designed sale strategy, focussing on the identification of purchasers who are the best strategic fit.

We develop the investment proposition with the client company and create a plan to maximise the present-day value of the business.  There is no ‘one-size fits all’ process when looking to maximise the value of a business for sale.

Whatever the deal, we work side by side with our clients from start to finish, an extension of their own team.  Our approach is partner-led and fully hands-on throughout the process, from the initial market research, devising and executing on an appropriate sale strategy, leading all of the commercial negotiations with potential purchasers through to project managing the client’s legal advisors to completion.

We devise a strategy to maximise the outcome for sellers by pre-empting the problems, understanding the human emotions and maintaining optionality for the longest possible period.

We don’t get measured on annual fee budgets, so we are always working to your agenda and timeline, not ours.  

We support the client team to completion to maximise results for our clients.

Buy Side

We work for large corporates and privately-owned businesses in developing acquisition strategies and identifying and executing specific buy-side acquisitions, both locally and internationally.  We often do this in tandem with providing our debt and equity capital advisory expertise to ensure that the clients have access to most attractive funding options.

We work alongside our client’s team to develop a deep understanding of our clients business and their objectives.  We ensure that the acquisitions we undertake create value for our client as we see a successful existing client as our most valuable asset.

We also assist private equity firms looking to acquire a business in Ireland by leveraging our relationships in the market to maximise the chances of successfully acquiring the business and work alongside them in executing the acquisition.


Recent Deals


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Digital Marketing Institute

Sale of Digital Marketing Institute to Spectrum Equity