We have excellent relationships with lenders and we have demonstrated our ability to leverage our strong banking relationships, both domestically and internationally, for our clients. 

Having the right capital structure is critical for maximising shareholder value and improving returns for investors. 

Whether the company needs secure long-term debt facilities to support the growth of the business or to finance an acquisition, we work to deliver the best available debt facilities. 

We believe we offer a superior service level in Debt Advisory. We take a partner-led and hands-on approach throughout the entire process.  This includes leading the assessment of domestic and international debt providers to select a field of suitable partners, running a competitive debt sourcing process, through to remaining fully involved post selection of a debt provider in the legal and documentation phase of the process until funding is available for draw-down.  



We seek to maximise the present-day value of the business.

There is more than one route to raise the capital your company requires – it is important to find the best fit for you and your shareholders. 

We work closely with you to identify which fundraising approach will work best for your company and your timeframe.  

Where a company is looking at private equity, it is a 3 to 7 year partnership, so there are factors to be considered beyond the commercial terms.  As business owners, we understand that transition from autonomy to partnership better than most. We seek to match you with an investor who is a good long-term fit, and who has a shared vision for the ongoing development of the business.



We have advised on some of the most significant restructurings in the Irish market.

Having to restructure a business is a challenging experience for a management team. The underlying business may be strong, but without strong cash flow even a successful business can find itself needing to refinance. 

Because we think like owners, we’re good at recognising the pieces of the business that work and those that don’t, whether we are advising the business, the shareholders or the creditors.  

We have strong relationships with all the key Irish, UK and international banking institutions and lenders, so we can negotiate a deal to maximise the preservation of value and provide the business with a foundation that allows it to flourish post restructuring. 

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