We are optimistic for the future of well-run businesses based in Ireland and believe there is significant opportunity in the current market in Ireland and the UK.

We have been retained by some of Irelands leading entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial companies to acquire businesses both in Ireland and abroad as part of these client’s strategy for investment and growth. We work closely with these clients to ensure that the target businesses meet their objectives and will deliver on their strategy.

We have also been active in advising clients on such opportunities including targeting companies which are in distress, require recapitalisation or are currently subject to a formal insolvency process. In these scenarios, Capnua's unique mix of corporate finance and insolvency expertise is critical to being able to see through the complications of the situation and identify the opportunity.


We focus on delivering best-in-class corporate finance advisory services to clients who may be looking to divest of the entire, or some part, of their business. In sell-side assignments we deliver an entire suite of services including:

  • Determining whether it's the right time to sell for shareholders;
  • Strategic advice as to the desirability and feasibility of a sale;
  • Advising on what actions have to be taken prior to a sale process;
  • A thorough assessment of the buyer profile for the business being disposed of;
  • Valuation advice as to the range of possible outcomes;
  • Structuring advice on how to structure the business for sale and what should be included / excluded from the sale;
  • Specific advice on how to retain and motivate management during a sale process;
  • Process advice so as to minimise the impact that the sale process has on the day to day operations of the business; and
  • First class corporate finance advice on both the front-end negotiation and the execution of the sale.